New Will still available – Covid 19

I have had some calls about a new Will in the past few days. Despite corona virus, I am still open and able to prepare a new Will or update your old Will.
I generally prefer to get my Will instructions on the phone or by e-mail, so you don’t have to come to my office for that.
Once the new Will is prepared, I prefer to sign the new Will at my office, but it doesn’t have to be done in office. In fact, if you write your own Will in your own handwriting, you don’t even need any witnesses and don’t need to leave your own home!!
Or you could print off your new Will at home, and then get two witnesses who aren’t your spouse or beneficiaries to sign with you.
I don’t normally give out my e-mail address but these are not normal times. If you have any questions a new Will, or updating your old Will, my e-mail address is:

Family Property Disagreement? Try a free 2 hour Mediation from Family Matters.

Family Matters Saskatchewan offers a free 2 hour mediation, which is a good option for family property issues.   It may take a month or two to get in.   So if there is disagreement about parenting, the wait is too long, but for issues of family property, it is a good idea to try.    Any formal family property agreement will have to be written and signed by your lawyer afterwards.

Family Matters phone number is (844) 863-3408.   Their e-mail is   Their website is: