Free Child Support and Spousal Support Calculator

Every couple of years or so things slow down for a week or two and I have time to update this blog.

I offer a free 20 minute initial consultation but lots of people like to research what they can before calling.

WARNING: before reading the below and agreeing to ANYTHING give me or another family law lawyer a call.   Any agreement in writing and signed by you can be enforced by Saskatchewan Maintenance Enforcement Office.

If you are recently separated and wondering how much child support or spousal support you might have to pay there is a free website that can provide a rough guideline.   It is:

or you can go directly to the child support guidelines at:

Click to access ska.pdf

But you should call a lawyer before agreeing or signing anything.   The issue of Custody, Child Residence, and Access is also important and the old days where the Mother usually got the kids are over.   Where the kids stay and for how long affects how much child support is paid, and to who.

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