Getting Things Done

I previously had a post called “Is Your Lawyer To Busy?”.   A client has recently switched from a previous firm and the previous firm provided their file.   I was surprised to see that the previous firm had done little to move the lawsuit forward in several years.   The lawsuit was not complicated and since the client was a Plaintiff, it is the Plaintiff’s lawyer’s job to move the Plaintiff’s lawsuit ahead to trial.

I suspect that there are a lot of lawyers that view legal work as just work, and don’t see things from their client’s point of view.   The client wants legal advice, and if a Plaintiff, wants their matter moved ahead until settlement or trial.  They don’t want the lawyer to work on the file at their leisure or when they need billings.  They want things to move ahead.

I won’t claim to be perfect, but I can get a lawsuit moving forward.

David R. Barth

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